I remember the day I went to pick you up from school once . It was nice out . And I was parked at the same spot I always parked , right by 7/11 . But I stood outside my car , leaning on the front passengers door . This day was different . We were going to break up , but I didn’t want to . I knew it wasn’t what was suppose to happen . I knew we belonged together .. So I remember telling you earlier that day before I went to pick you up , that I would be standing outside and in my head I imagined you running to me and giving me a huge hug and telling me you loved me . I told you this . And then I said that it didn’t have to happen like that but if you still wanted to break up , to just walk as if I wasn’t there . So I stood there . Anxiously , and I waited .. And I saw you coming . My heart almost exploded right through my chest . I looked down b/c I was scared .. But when I glanced up , I saw that you were walking my way . And for some reason I knew we would be fine . We wouldn’t be perfect but we would put the effort and would be fine . I took a step towards you and you hugged me and I held you tighter . Just take a step towards me .. B/c you know we belong together . We aren’t perfect but we’re worth it .. 🌞🌚

"Lets not make permanent decisions based on temporary feelings .. You and I aren’t short term or even long term , we are forever . 🌞🌚"

"I love you, that means I’m not just here for the pretty parts. I’m here no matter what."

Claudia Gray, Hourglass (via observando)

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